The Knotty Grandma

The Knotty Grandma
Sumner WA
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I believe it's important to encourage kids to use their imagination by playing with toys and games that increase their memory and motor skills. Its also important to me that those toys and games are made from sustainable materials.

I've been crocheting for over 40 years, making gifts and such, but not really doing anything else with that skill set. In 2020, when the world was on lockdown due to COVID, I stumbled across an idea that brought my philosophy about children's imagination and my crochet skills together. Crocheted food items.

That was when The Knotty Grandma began.

I chose the name 'The Knotty Grandma' for three reasons. First, it was my grandmother that taught me how to crochet, so I wanted to honor her. Second, I'm a grandma myself, and if I've learned anything, its that grandkids can inspire you to do all kinds of things for them! Third, I love a good play on words and, as my husband says, crocheting IS just a fancy way to knot yarn together.

My oldest grandson, was close to three years old in 2020, and he's always loved to help me cook and bake things. When I saw the idea for crocheted food I thought it would be a perfect present for him. So I started crocheting all kinds of fruit, vegetables, bread, eggs, hot dogs, etc. He was thrilled. He immediately started pretending to cook and bring me his masterpieces, like peanut-butter and jalapeño pancakes, or pepperoni and banana pizza. Thank goodness it was pretend!

He is six now and has a three year-old brother. They are my inspiration for the items I make, and my quality control and testing team.

Because my younger grandson is sometimes sensitive to synthetic fibers, all the items I crochet and sell for kids are made from 100% cotton yarn and pure lamb's wool stuffing. Because I was a mother before becoming a grandmother, all crocheted items are machine washable and dryable on a gentle cycle. Because prices on everything keep rising, I source the best materials at a low cost to keep my items affordable for my customers.

Show Specials:

As a special for the Victorian Country Christmas show only, customers can use the code - VictorianChristmas25kg - to receive a 25% discount off of any one item purchased.

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