Coral Ave Jewelry

Coral Ave Jewelry
Tacoma WA
Booth: 708

Company Description:

Meet the dynamic duo behind Coral Ave Jewelry, Britta and James. When life handed them an unexpected twist in the form of illness and disability, they decided to turn the page, shake things up, and start a new chapter. With James by her side, Britta delved into crafting and the creative spark took hold. Their collection of wonderful projects grew, and soon they realized they had something special to share.

Self-taught and passionate about their craft, Britta and James have expanded their knowledge and skills over the years. Having initially worked with resins, charms, and beads; glass fired enamel was the one that stuck with them the most
Wanting to improve further and expand their creative possibilities they have recently embarked on a silversmithing apprenticeship helping to add a new layer of sophistication and expertise to their creations. They are excited to meld glass, gemstones and fine silver work into beautiful pieces.

Show Specials:

Our gemstone bracelets will be the $12 are 2 for $20, the $15 are 2 for $25, and the $20 are 2 for $35.

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