A Victorian Country Christmas


Q: How many days is the show?

A: It is a 5-day show.  It runs Wednesday through Sunday.  It always begins the Wednesday after Thanksgiving.

Q: What are the dates?

A: 11/28/2018 to 12/2/2018

Q: Where is the best place to stay during A Victorian Country Christmas?

A: There are many hotels located near the Washington State Fair Events Center, and our featured hotel is the Hampton Inn.

Q: On an average how many people attend?

A: Approx 35,000

Q: What are the booth sizes?

A: Booth sizes are 10 x 10, 10 x 20, 10 x 30, 20 x 20, etc. 10 x 15 booth spaces are available to vendors who make arrangements to split a 10 x 30 with another vendor.  We also have a few 6′ x 10′ spaces located along a solid wall.  These spaces are available at a discounted rate, and do not include storefronts.

Q: What do you require from a prospective vendor?

A: We require vendors to complete a contract, submit photos of any products they wish to sell, and send payment for booth.

Q: If I am not accepted as a vendor, will I get my payment back?

A: Yes

Q: Can we choose our own space?

A: Yes, however, we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned the space you have asked for.  We give placement priority to our returning vendors.  If the spaces you request are not available we will contact you with options.

Q: Can we choose the style and color of our storefront?

A: No, we have 15 different storefront styles in a variety of colors.  We set them up in such a way that the styles and colors are distributed throughout each exhibit area.  The opening for each style is the same (approx 8.5’)

Q: Do you do remote stocking?

A: No

Q: Do I have to dress in Victorian attire?

A: Yes.  All vendors must dress in Victorian attire.

Q: Where can I find Victorian clothing?

A: There are several ways:

  1. Make your own.
  2. Buy your own.
  3. Rent one (We have options for rentals for both men’s and women’s clothing. You can place your order in advance and pick up and drop off the rentals at our event.)
  4. Go to Value Village or other thrift shop. Find a long black dress and a long black dress and a Victorian looking long sleeved white blouse. Add a brooch and you have your Victorian outfit!

Q: What is the percentage of returning vendors each year?

A: A majority of our vendors return each year.  Some have been with us each year since our show began back in the late 1980s!

Q: Can I decorate my booth anyway I want?

A: We require you to have a minimum of a double strand of fire retardant garland and miniature white lights (the kind that don’t blink). Beyond that we allow you to decorate your booth as you wish (as long as it is tastefully done).

Q: My child is under the age of 16, but has helped me in my booth in the past, can I bring him/her along to help?

A: We have a strict policy of which states that no vendor’s children under the age of 16 are allowed in exhibitor booths during set-up, take-down or during show hours.

Q: Must everything in my booth be handmade?

A: No

Q: Do you accept vendors who have manufactured items?

A: Yes, our primary focus is to feature a wide array of unique gift items.

Q: How does your show differ from others?

A: The producers of A Victorian Country Christmas go to great lengths to produce a quality show.  It is not only a gift show, it is an entertainment show.  Attendees have the opportunity to shop, sit, rest, and watch one of many professional stage shows available daily, shop some more, catch a bite to eat at one of our fine food vendors, and then shop some more.  We also have The Singing Nativity which has been a key part of our show since the beginning.  We have an extensive advertising campaign on television, radio, newspapers, etc.  We are well known and well respected and draw vendors from all over the United States.

Thank you to all our Victorian Country Christmas Sponsors!

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