A Victorian Country Christmas

Directions From North or South Bound I-5 in Tacoma

  • 1. Take exit #135 to Puyallup
  • 2. Follow the signs to Puyallup
  • 3. At the first stop light you can turn right to Pioneer Way East; or continue to the left on River Road

4. Pioneer Way route: Travel 5.2 miles to 72nd Street E

  • 1. Turn left to stay on Pioneer Way E
  • 2. Continue 1.9 miles to Puyallup’s 5th Street SW
  • 3. Turn right to 5th Street SW and follow the signs to Fair Parking Lots

5. River Road route: Travel 4.2 miles to Puyallup’s 18th Street NW

  • 1. Turn right to 18th Street NW
  • 2. Follow the signs Fair Parking Lots